Chris Worsnop

Chris WorsnopChris Worsnop has been connected with community and student theatre for more than 50 years. In that time he has done almost all things theatrical, playing all kinds of roles on stage, dramatic and musical, professional and non, and doing all kinds of backstage work as well. He has directed, written scripts, worked as a play polisher, presented workshops and organized and hosted festivals. He knows and understands community and student theatre from the inside. He is the proud winner of two acting awards from ACT-CO and another from EODL. For several years he operated a professional murder mystery theatre company that specialized in resort-based murderous weekends. As an adjudicator he has worked at various levels in the Sears Festival, the Meadowvale Music Theatre Festival on three separate occasions, the ACT-CO Festival for three seasons (2006/7, 2007/8 & 2012/13), the Eastern Ontario Drama League One Act Play Festival (2008 & 2011), the EODL  full-length play festival, (2014), and the Theatre Ontario Festival (2009).  Chris has degrees from Cambridge, UK, Queen’s Kingston and Ottawa universities.  His working life was spent as an educator and teacher trainer. He enjoys developing a dialogue with practitioners in his adjudications, exploring the triumphs and challenges of community and student theatre in a rigorous and friendly session of peer review.


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