Mindful Therapy for Performing Artists

Mindful Therapy for Performing Artists

Monday February 26, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm
Theatre Ontario Boardroom
Suite 350, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Calming the Actor Mind! 

In this one on one, 60 minute coaching session you will be taught from a mindfulness counselling perspective how to cultivate our own artistic growth.

As a performance artist your career can be demanding and can involve many stressful situations.  These stressors can often result in performance anxiety and even career depression. Learn valuable, practical mindfulness meditation and other coping strategies that will build a healthy resiliency to cope with your chosen profession.   Performing arts, while very rewarding, comes with many challenges! Taught from a wellness perspective benefits of mindful coaching includes but aren't limited to:


  • Building insight- for clarity and purpose
  • Stepping out of negative thought patterns that are self-sabotaging
  • Dealing with discomfort, such as anxiety in a way that doesn't derail you
  • Disengaging from automatic responses in life that we aren't aware of
  • Improved attention, focus and moment to moment observation of the mind's 'antic's'. Softening and dissolving our habitual, reflexive patterns of thought, feeling and behaviors
  • Noticing how we can get 'stuck' in the stories we tell ourselves that often aren't true e.g. I'm not talented, I'm not good enough…and embracing more self-compassion as an artist.


Meet the Instructor…

 Morrow_Jorie (1)

Jorie Morrow is a professional actor, meditation teacher and social worker/therapist. As an actor she has worked in theatre, film and radio, and she recently co-wrote and starred in “Hey! Good Lookin’”, a funny and heartwarming show about family, illness, and taking care of each other. Jorie has over 20 years of experience as a social worker, working in both the community and hospital sector throughout the GTA.  She has taught meditation in community mental health organizations for front line staff, at Roger's communications for the members of their B-Well Centre, and she continues to teach individual clients.

This is a one to one confidential service that will be held in the Boardroom of the offices of Theatre Ontario. To schedule your one hour appointment please call Nicole Peña the Community Outreach and Training Coordinator: 416 408-4556 Ex 10.

Course Fee

$75 For a one hour appointment





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