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You love theatre, but the abilities that first sparked your love of the stage aren’t the only talents you need. Putting on a show or starting a theatre company takes a whole lot more. That’s why we’ve partnered with Work in Culture to offer our members 50% off a selection of e-Learning courses that will help you produce like a pro!

Work in Culture supports Ontario’s creative community by providing lifelong career development, business skills training, and other resources to arts and culture professionals.

Financial Planning— Master your money!

You didn’t get into theatre because you love math – but financial skills are an important part of starting, running, and ensuring the continued success of a theatre company. You need to make a budget, submit grant applications, plan and track your cash flow, and more. If you find "money stuff" intimidating, annoying, or excessively complicated, this course is for you.

Project Management – Come in on time and on budget!

Putting on a show is stressful; there’s so much to do, and never enough time to do it in. Managing it all can be overwhelming, and the time you spend figuring out how to manage everything could be better spent elsewhere. You can save time (and a lot of headaches) by learning and implementing the tools, techniques, terminology and processes of project management.

Partnership and Collaboration – Create your dream team!

What does the term "theatre community" really mean? It means we are at our best when we collaborate, share resources, and build and maintain relationships with other artists, teachers, administrators, technicians, organizations, and more. Collaboration is essential to personal and professional success, but it’s not always as straightforward (or free from conflict) as we expect. Working together is a skill – and by helping you understand the essentials of successful collaboration, this course will help your next collaboration run smoothly.

Business Planning – Plan your work and work your plan!

Doing something well takes a lot of preparation (or else why would we spend so much time in rehearsal?). If you’re starting a career in theatre or starting up a theatre company, your new business deserves extensive planning and prep work. So where do you start? What tools and resources will you need to become a successful entrepreneur? How can you create a solid business plan, and what should it include? This course will guide you through the process and set you up for success.

Managing People – Lead your team to greatness!

You may have heard this common advice for employers: “Hire the right people, then get out of their way.” But for a director, producer, or teacher, it’s a bit more complicated than that. How do you find the right people? How do you motivate your team? Then, how do you keep the solid talent you have? This course will help you find the answers. By looking through a human resources perspective, you’ll improve your people-management skills and your next show will run that much smoother.

Marketing – Find and grow your audience!

With all the competition for your audience’s time and money, there is no greater challenge than "getting bums in seats." It’s also critical to the success of your show or company. So how do you make the leap from "Sounds like a great show" to "Two tickets, please"? The key to a full house lies in developing and implementing a customized marketing strategy that includes defining your audience, setting balanced prices, promoting your show, and much more. This course will take you through that process, developing and enhancing your marketing skills along the way.

Why e-Learning?

There are several advantages to learning with us:
It’s affordable – For only $20 per course (with your Theatre Ontario discount), you’re getting expert instruction on a critical skill area and knowledge that will help you personally and professionally for the rest of your life.
It’s adaptable – Your one-time registration fee gives you lifetime unlimited access so you can learn at your own pace, work around your busy schedule, and revisit the material whenever you like. You can also access the courses from anywhere with an Internet connection.
It’s efficient – Since each course typically takes 5-8 hours from start to finish, you can build or expand your skillset without sacrificing the time you need to spend on other projects.
It’s easy to understand – Every instructor has both expertise in their field and familiarity with learning and instruction, allowing them to create courses that are user-friendly so you can save your brain power for all your other tasks.
It’s comprehensive – Each course will give you a general understanding of the subject and then guide you through the specifics of applying that knowledge. You’ll also get resources, tools and templates that you can download and use indefinitely.
It’s relevant – Each course uses case studies and examples from the arts and culture sector, and is suitable for all skill levels.

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