Past Intern Directors

2015: Esther Jun and Peter Pasyk

2014: Alistair Newton and Rachel Peake

2013: Rose Plotek and Paul Van Dyck

2012: Krista Jackson and Michael Wheeler

2011: Craig Hall and Johnna Wright

2010: Autumn Smith and Rona Waddington

2009: Ashlie Corcoran and Jack Paterson

2008: Geoffrey Brumlik and Laurel Smith

2007: Kate Lynch and Lezlie Wade

2006: Liza Balkan and Lee Wilson

2005: Katrina Dunn and Ruth Madoc-Jones

2004: Kelly Daniels and Andrew Freund

2003: Paul Rivers and Glenda Stirling

2002: Richard Beaune and Heather Inglis

2001: Eda Holmes and James MacDonald

2000: Todd Hammond and Jean Morpurgo

1999: Ann Hodges and Richard Wolfe

1998: Nikki Lundmark and David Savoy

1997: Ian Prinsloo and Gyllian Raby

1996: Dennis Garnhum and Karen Rickers

1995: Paulina Abarca-Cantin and Craig Walker

1994: Lise Anne Johnson and David Oiye

1993: Mark Cassidy and Hans Engel

1992: Conrad Alexandrowicz and Sally Han

1991: Lindsey Robinson and Colin Taylor

1990: Jon Michaelson and Sandhano Schultze

1989: David Ferry and Paul Lampert

1988: Kathryn Allison, Heather Jones-Barker, Michel Lefebvre, Randy Maertz, and Susan Turnbull

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