Professional Theatre Training Program Testimonials

"There can be a tendency in the theatre community to pigeon-hole individuals, which can stifle the diverse artistic instincts some of us have.  Once establishing myself as a professional actor, Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre Training Program allowed me to follow my instincts to pursue directing, and I regard my participation in the PTTP program as a pivotal moment in my development as a theatre director.  The sole existence of a program like PTTP celebrates the fact that we are diverse theatre artists and that as one establishes themselves in their field, there may be a need to explore other artistic avenues.  Not only does this program have the maturity to understand and foster the evolution of our theatre artists, it encourages us to diversify our employment options, which in turn builds healthier individuals.  With the funds I received from the PTTP program, I was able to spend eleven weeks in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia being mentored by the Georgian theatre director Gocha Kapanadze.  This experience happened at the perfect moment in my evolution as a theatre artist and this experience has become the foundation in which I build my work upon.  There is no other program like PTTP in our country and this program should not only be celebrated, but expanded."
- Christopher Morris, recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts' 2012 John Hirsch Prize for emerging professional theatre directors


“It was more than I could imagine.  I am so thankful to the PTTP Committee for this opportunity that has truly changed my life.”
- Mary-Jo Carter Dodd, apprenticed under designer Camellia Koo in set model building


“Training under Franco has proved to be one of the most transformative and influential experiences for my theatrical career.”
- Laura Nanni, apprenticed under Artistic Director Franco Boni at the Theatre Centre


“My time with Cahoots has been a truly wonderful and successful experience.  I really felt I lived and breathed theatre for the past few months.  I met so many talented and giving artists, made fabulous connections for the future and really learned about Toronto’s dedicated theatre community.  I definitely feel more confident that I can make a contribution to theatre in this city.”
- Esther Jun, apprenticed under Cahoots Theatre Artistic Director Jovanni Sy and Ruth Madoc-Jones, director of A Nanking Winter


Text of email from Naomi Snieckus, after she had completed her apprenticeship under director Bruce Pirrie at Second City: Hi Tim…i just wanted to let you know, i JUST got off the phone with Second City and they’ve offered me a job directing their next student show!!  I’m thrilled! – once again, THANK YOU Theatre Ontario!


“Joel not only surprised me, he surprised most of the cast and crew as well.  He did this with great joy and grace and very much was regarded by all as part of the team. He was a great asset to the production.  I would only be too happy to welcome Joel Ivany back to work with me again.”
- Paul Curran, Artistic Director, Norwegian National Opera, mentored Joel Ivany at the Washington (D.C.) National Opera where he directed Peter Grimes


“To sum up, I think this summer has been incredible, and vital to my evolving career.  My worth as a theatre artist has been increased tenfold.  I express unending gratitude to the PTTP, and would not have been able to learn what I have without the opportunity it provided.”
- Veronica Good, apprenticed under sound designer Todd Charlton


“This apprenticeship was a complete success story.  The money Verne received to make this happen was some of the best money spent in our business this year. And I only wish there was more of this type of training happening.”
- Todd Charlton


“The opportunity to study under the direction of Soheil Parsa was the most educationally (and practically) rich experience of my career as an apprentice director.  I am incredibly thankful to Theatre Ontario for this experience.”
- Thomas Morgan Jones


"It is daunting to summarize all of the things I have learned and the benefits I have gained from the ten weeks I have spent training with Volcano Theatre as an artistic producer.  I believe my PTTP training has exceeded all my expectations.  The company has informed me that they will be seeking new funding to keep me with the project to its completion at Luminato in 2010.  I am ecstatic about this and certainly it would not have been possible without this program at Theatre Ontario.”
- Michael Wheeler, apprenticed under Ross Manson and Meredith Potter at Volcano Theatre


“I am very grateful that Theatre Ontario has this program.  It’s invaluable.”
- Ross Manson


“My time at the Royal Opera House (London, England) was an incredible learning experience.”
- Daniele Guevara, apprenticed under designer Michael Levine


Theatre Ontario's Professional Theatre Training Program is funded by the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.



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