Playwright-in-Person at Theatre Ontario Festival 2013

John_LazarusOur Playwright-in-Person at Theatre Ontario Festival 2013 is John Lazarus.

John Lazarus will read from his current play-in-progress, called Sex with Feminists -- set in Vancouver, in 1974, among people in their 20s.  "It's about a moment in history when the so-called Sexual Revolution overlapped with Second Wave Feminism, and a lot of us (men and women both) were trying to have it both ways, with complicated results."

John will also give a condensed version of the opening lectures from his "Introduction to Playwriting" course at Queen's University.  It covers some basic principles of playwriting, emphasizing the fact that it's a dual process: one part of the brain constructs plot, and another part improvises dialogue.  This will be very informal, including questions before he begins, so that he can design the lecture / discussion around what the attendees want to know.

If there is time, he will have two games he likes to play at these workshops -- and, in keeping with the theme of duality in his lecture, one game is about plot construction and one is about creating dialogue.  The first is called "John's Card Game," and leads the group through the creation of some strings of plot, based on some absurd characters that you are all going to come up with together.  The second is called "Braiding Dialogue," and the group splits into pairs, who create dialogue scenes together.  Depending on the timing, we may do one, both, or neither.

Playwright-in-Person is made possible by a grant from the Playwrights Guild of Canada, funded by the Canada Council.

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