Theatre Ontario Festival 2015 Awards

2015_TheCleanHouseTheatre Ontario Festival Awards are presented to Ontario's best community theatre productions, showcased at the annual Theatre Ontario Festival.

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2015 Productions

2015 Awards

Award winners and nominees are chosen by adjudicator Ron Cameron-Lewis (unless otherwise specified).

If additional nominations were made, all nominees are listed with the winners appearing in bold text.

The Elsie For Outstanding Festival Production

  • The Clean House, Theatre Sarnia

Outstanding Director

  • Geoffrey Coulter, The Odd Couple
  • Ian Burns & Pat Maitland, Born Yesterday (first-time directors)
  • Holly Wenning, The Clean House

Outstanding Performance by a Male

  • James Burrell as Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple
  • Mark Paton as Paul Verrall, Born Yesterday
  • Jay Peckham as A Man/Charles, The Clean House

Outstanding Performance by a Female

  • Kellie McKenty as Billie Dawn, Born Yesterday
  • Henri Canino as Virginia, The Clean House
  • Ashley Carlisle as Matilde, The Clean House
  • Megan Hadley as Lane, The Clean House

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Supporting Role

  • Tracy McCarten as Cecily Pigeon & Shari Thorne as Gwendolyn Pigeon, The Odd Couple
  • Jan Walker-Holt as A Woman/Ana, The Clean House

Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role

  • Tom Lynch as Murray, The Odd Couple
  • Wyatt Lamoureux as Ed Devery, Born Yesterday
  • Chuck Vollmar as Eddie, Born Yesterday

Outstanding Technical Achievement

  • The technical crew, for the opening visual moments, The Odd Couple
  • Ian Burns, for set design, construction and decoration, Born Yesterday
  • Holly Wenning, for sound design & Diane Hadley, for sound operation, The Clean House

Outstanding Visual Presentation

  • Walter Maskel & Andrea Emmerton, for visual realization, Agnes of God
  • Mary Parulski & Jayne Martin, for costumes, Born Yesterday
  • Set, props, projections, costume, and lighting, The Clean House

Outstanding Coordinated Production

(This award is chosen by the Festival Stage Manager)

  • Peterborough Theatre Guild

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For unsung heroes, but without them we could not have a Festival, let alone one of this calibre: The crew of set movers of Born Yesterday (Simon Barker, Jack Burke, Ian Burns, Scott Burns, Barry Cowling, Gayle Fraser, Chris Lee, David MacRae, Pat Maitland, Art Murray, Elgan Northey, Nelson Pickett, Diane & Steve Russell)

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For a special contribution that truly helped us follow the flow of the show: Frank Canino & Chris Matthews, projections, The Clean House

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For ensemble acting: The cast, Agnes of God

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For a rare vulnerability in an actor who will be making her mark in Theatre Ontario for decades to come: Kayla Greenman as Agnes, Agnes of God

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For quick study in replacing other actors for Festival: Stephen Suepaul as Roy & John Green as Vinnie, The Odd Couple

For more information about the Theatre Ontario Festival 2015 Awards, please contact Anne Mooney, Community Theatre Coordinator, at or 416.408.4556 x.14.


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