Theatre Ontario Festival 2003 Awards

Theatre Ontario Festival Awards are presented to Ontario's best community theatre productions, showcased at the annual Theatre Ontario Festival.

2003 Productions

  • Filthy Rich by George F. Walker, presented by The Curtain Club, from Richmond Hill (ACT-CO)
  • Talley's Folly by Lanford Wilson, presented by Belleville Theatre Guild (EODL)
  • Cosi by Louis Nowra, presented by Guelph Little Theatre (WODL)
  • Night Sky by Susan Yankowitz, presented by Espanola Little Theatre (QUONTA)


Award winners and nominees were chosen by adjudicator Allan Stratton.

Where additional nominations were made, all nominees are listed with the winners appearing in bold text.

The Elsie For Outstanding Festival Production

  • Cosi, Guelph Little Theatre

Outstanding Director

  • Brian J. Moore, Filthy Rich
  • Steve Forrester, Talley's Folly
  • Laura Rowbotham, Cosi
  • Walter Maskel, Night Sky

Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Leading Role

  • Dave Henderson as Tyrone M. Power, Filthy Rich
  • Lynn Fennell as Matt Friedman, Talley's Folly
  • Trevor Smith Diggins as Roy, Cosi
  • Dario Laurenti as Daniel, Night Sky

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Leading Role

  • Stacie Nelles as Sally Talley, Talley's Folly
  • Theresa Laurenti as Anna, Night Sky

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Supporting Role

  • Venetia Lawless as Anne Scott, Filthy Rich
  • Rosalind Slater as Ruth, Cosi
  • Amber Boucher as Jennifer, Night Sky

Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role

  • Sal Aguila as Henry "The Pig" Duvall, Filthy Rich
  • Gerry Butts as Henry, Cosi
  • Mike MacLean as Bill, Night Sky

Outstanding Technical Achievement

For light and sound

  • Filthy Rich (Steve Meacher, Marina Leyderman)
  • Talley's Folly (Jim Alexander, Richard Lummiss, Donovan Neil)
  • Cosi (Anna Graham, Shannon Begg)
  • Night Sky (Walter Maskel, Richard Gamelin, Jean Lavalle)

Outstanding Visual Achievement

For costumes, set décor, make-up, props

  • Filthy Rich (Alice Torrance, Dianne Haskett, Kay Valentine, Doug Bisset, Suzanne Stoner)
  • Talley's Folly (Jim Alexander, Kim Taylor, Judy Bridle, Morgan Forrester, Sue Ann Bryce, Liz Marshall)
  • Cosi (Laura Rowbotham, Greg Insley, Victoria  Harrop, Andreen  Harwood, Kelly Insley)
  • Night Sky (Richard Gamelin)

Outstanding Coordinated Production

(This award is chosen by the Festival Stage Manager)

  • The Curtain Club

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For set design detailing: Alice Torrance, Filthy Rich

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For film noir ambience: Steve Meacher, Suzanne Stoner and Marina Leyderman, Filthy Rich

Special Adjudicator Award

  •  For set and lighting design: Jim Alexander, Talley's Folly

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For best delivery of a monologue: Lynn Fennell as Matt Friedman, Talley's Folly

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For ensemble choral work: The ensemble, Night Sky

The Richard Howard Award

(The award is presented to a competing director. The winner receives a scholarship to the Theatre Ontario Summer Courses)

  • Laura Rowbotham, Cosi

Outstanding Visual Moment

  • The door collapse, Filthy Rich
  • The transition from house lights to theatrical boathouse, Talley's Folly
  • The appearance of the Cosi opera set, Cosi
  • The final moment with the stars, Night Sky


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