Health and Safety

To Act in SafetyTo Act In Safety was a bold initiative created by Theatre Ontario and funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation to promote health and safety awareness in hundreds of professionals and volunteers involved in theatre all over Ontario.

Health and Safety Guidelines

The Ontario Advisory Committee for Health and Safety in Live Performance (whose membership includes Brandon Moore from Theatre Ontario) has developed guidelines, approved by the Ontario of Ministry of Labour, for our industry.

These guidelines cover areas such as:

  • Hand Props, Costumes and Makeup
  • Orchestra Pits
  • Performing Flying and Aerial Stunts
  • Pyrotechnic Special Effects
  • Rigging Systems and Fall Arrest
  • Sound Levels
  • Stage Combat/Stunts and Weaponry
  • Electrical
  • Rakes
  • Fog and Smoke
  • Outdoor Venues
  • Working at Heights
  • Scenery
  • Mechanised Scenery and Automated Systems
  • Risk Assessment for Productions
  • Temporary Performance/Event Structures
  • Application of Industrial and Construction Regulations
  • Flame Effects
  • Elevating Work Platforms

Best Practices

Theatre Ontario also maintains and provides several "Best Practices" resources in areas such as:

  • Health and safety policy development
  • First aid
  • Workplace accidents
  • Patron safety
  • Facilities
  • Vehicles
  • The Theatre Manager's Guide to the Building Code.

Please note that with the end of the OTF grant, both the free assessments and training that were provided under this program, and the free website of resources, are no longer available. Paid assessments are available in consultation with Theatre Ontario.

For more information, please contact Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager, at brandon[at] or 416.408.4556 x.13.

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