Non-Union Talent Files

Theatre Ontario provides the Non-Union Talent Files as a means of connecting emerging and/or non-union theatre professionals (our members) with theatre companies.

What are the Non-Union Talent Files?

The Non-Union Talent Files are a referral service designed to assist emerging or non-affiliated theatre professionals (both Performers and Non-Performers) and theatre companies that are seeking personnel. Established artists who have chosen not to join a professional association may also participate in it.

Theatre Ontario plays the role of "matchmaker". We attempt to make a suitable match between those who have jobs to offer, and those who need and can fill those jobs. The Non-Union Talent Files will not take the place of a talent agency or employment bureau. It is a referral service only.

Non-Union Talent Files are used most often by: professional companies, community theatre, radio and television stations seeking non-affiliated performers and other personnel, and producers and directors seeking non-affiliated performers for independent films. There is no charge to review the files.

Who can participate in the Non-Union Talent Files?

Registration in the Non-Union Talent Files is open to any individual member of Theatre Ontario over the age of 18. If you are a student or senior member, you must pay a $10 annual fee to participate.

Individuals can be listed in both the Non-Union Talent Files for Performers and/or Non-Performers at no additional cost. However, a separate application form and resume must be provided for each file.

Individuals must be non-union (meaning not supported by a professional association.) Due to affiliation-agreements, the following individuals are excluded from the Non-Union Talent Files: CAEA full members (apprentice and probationary members may participate), ACTRA members and ACTRA apprentices, and ADC members.

ACTRA - Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
CAEA - Canadian Actors' Equity Association
ADC - Associated Designers of Canada

All theatrical disciplines are represented, including performers, directors, stage managers, technical and administrative personnel, and designers.

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