Whose Text Is It, Anyway? Adventurous Approaches to Performance

This course is a study into the rehearsal process from audition to performance ideal for the actor and director.  Directors with some experience will find this course challenging and stimulating and will provide you with insightful skills to further develop the directing craft. A deeper analysis of play selection, auditions, stage movement, pacing, the rehearsal process and more. Actors will learn how to use the rehearsal process to fine tune their preparation for performance, highlighting innovation and risk-taking using ‘creative’ thinking all under the pressure of deadlines. A willingness to direct and be directed. Come and play.

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John_P_KellyAfter a long career in theatre in Ireland, John P. Kelly arrived in Ottawa in 2004.  He trained in Direction with the Irish National Theatre many, many years ago.  Since arriving in Canada, he has directed almost thirty plays and on three occasions been awarded Best Director/Overall Production by the critics in Ottawa.  He has twice adjudicated at the Theatre Ontario Festival Finals, workshopped all over Ontario, and generally tries to leave warmth and fun behind him wherever he works.

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