Webinars for Small Budget Arts Organizations

For your board members, volunteers, musicians, actors, presenters and administrators – especially those with interest in or responsibility for growing and interacting with your audiences.

This series was made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Arts Council, and is being presented in collaboration with Orchestras Canada, Choirs Ontario, and Ontario Presents.

UPDATE: Currently these webinars are offline.  We are exploring options to restore them.

Webinar Series Recordings

Accessibility Ontario (AODA) with Constance Exley, founder and CEO of Accessibility Ontario.

This webinar focuses on compliance factors around the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and how they affect small organizations.


Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) with Brenda Doner, from CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario).

Important differences between the old and new legislation; the implications for your bylaws and articles of incorporation; members and voting; and boards of directors; The specific requirements for public benefit corporations; and more!


Facebook: A really useful Marketing Tool with Sue Edworthy, a dynamic arts manager with over 15 years’ experience in performing arts.

In a Facebook-centred intensive workshop, participants will not only learn more about the how’s and best practices of using Facebook, but the whys of it.


Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) with Ryan Prendergast, lawyer with Carter's Professional Services.

This presentation will focus on CASL as it applies to small performing arts organizations and best practices around privacy issues.


Effective Word of Mouth with marketer Ronnie Brown, from the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.

This webinar covers different aspect of word-of-mouth, including targeted messaging, finding communicators and e-word-of-mouth. In it, Ronnie makes the distinction between effective and ineffective communication.


Targeting Audiences: Demographics DYS with marketer Ronnie Brown, from the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.

This webinar stresses the importance of acquiring a deeper knowledge of your audiences... Ronnie’s do-it-yourself method includes mapping sales penetration, surveys, using communication with patrons as tool to collect information, and observation.


Financial Management: What's the Big Deal? with Heather Young, from Young Associates.

When you’re preparing for your board meeting, how can you tell which items on your financial statements require the most attention? In particular, are there any red flags?


Singing from the Same Songsheet, with Heather Young, from Young Associates.

Well-understood policies and procedures are the scaffolding for sound financial management.  We will address high-level stuff that may seem so obvious that it’s never stated – such as, our policy is to approve the budget before the start of the new fiscal year, and that revenues should exceed expenses.  We will also pin down niggling day to day concerns such as spending authorizations and the appropriate number of signing officers.


Slaying the Dragon: Deficit Management, with Heather Young, from Young Associates.

In order to communicate the situation effectively to board and staff – and to strategize effectively – it’s important to understand how the situation arose.  We will consider types of deficits (e.g. structural vs. situational) and strategies for eliminating them over a do-able time frame.



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