Bios of Candidates for Election 2012

Bios of Candidates for Election 2012

Dr. Barry Freeman (Toronto) is an Assistant Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto-Scarborough whose research involves Canadian theatre, drama-in-education, and ethics and interculturalism. Barry is a regular contributor to national and international theatre journals and is the Executive Editor of Theatre Research in Canada, Canada's only peer-reviewed theatre journal. Barry is a member of the Board of Directors of the Paprika Festival and has worked for Theatre Ontario in the past, as Summer Courses Youth Counsellor in 1999 and as Summer Courses Coordinator in 2000. "I wish to contribute my insight about theatre education to the board of Theatre Ontario to help shape and grow its services, training opportunities and profile. Some of my students are contemplating making those first steps towards a career in the arts, and I believe I have a good sense of what make them the future artists and audience members of tomorrow. Theatre Ontario offered me my first opportunities toward a career in the theatre, and I would like to help it do the same for others."

John Goddard (Toronto) has been associated with the Ontario Theatre scene for most of his adult life, either as a professional; administrator or an amateur actor/director. John first became involved with Theatre Ontario in the early seventies when he and his wife Susan worked with Maggie Bassett on the membership committee. Then again in the nineties, he was fortunate enough to receive a PTTP grant to work with Mallory Gilbert at Tarragon Theatre. Finally, for the last five years he served as Executive Director. John wants to continue his association with this vital and worthwhile organization to help ensure its continued existence and relevance. John is married with two grown children and one grandchild. He is currently Treasurer on the Board of Directors. "Having been associated with Theatre Ontario since I began working in professional theatre (through a PTTP grant) up to and including the past five years as it's Executive Director, I found that, not surprisingly, it is somewhat in my blood. In addition, in my last year with TO we spent a lot of very productive and valuable time working out a Strategic Plan for our future. I would like to be around to help make that plan a reality. I am standing for election to the board in order to fulfill the commitments I helped that very board make in its planning sessions."

Ellen-Ray Hennessy (Toronto) is an international, award-winning actress, writer, director and producer who has been in over 275 productions. A multiple Dora, Jesse, Gemini, and Pauline McGibbon award nominee and holding Ken McDougal and Harold awards, her recent accomplishments include the feature film Then Again, directing and voicing Z-Baw for Imagination Films, commercial spots for Zellers and TD Bank and two 3D animation feature films (Alley of Dreams, Papagiorgio the Great.) She was chosen as one of the Mille Femmes in LuminaTO for outstanding contribution to the arts including hosting the red carpet at Dora Mavor Moore awards and serving as a juror in the "Best Voice" category for the Emmys. "I wish to serve on the Theatre Ontario Board Of Directors because theatre is intertwined into my soul. It has given me so much personally and professionally over the years. I am always looking to give back to a 'family' that gave me so much. I would use my experience of over 30 years with equity as a professional actress to serve the theatre and bring the passion, excitement, and joy to its endeavors that I bring to all of my personal and professional projects to ignite Toronto's flame of passion for theatre and see it burn brighter than ever."

Tabitha Keast (Toronto) is an actor, an experienced copy editor and a very inexperienced writer. Onstage, she has worked with The Driftwood Theatre Group and Alchemy Theatre while on-camera she was featured in the series The Kennedys, the short films Book Club and The Tenant, and many, many commercials. She has spent twelve years as a volunteer with Alumnae Theatre, Toronto's oldest theatre company where she has acted, directed, produced, sat on the Board of Directors and - most recently - climbed a sixteen-foot ladder to strike the lights from the grid (she continues to have a great deal of respect for theatre technicians.) "As an Actra and Equity performer, member of Theatre Ontario and long-time member of Alumnae Theatre, I understand the value that Theatre Ontario has within the community as a provincial umbrella organization representing and working in the interests of a wide-ranging body of artists, organizations and audiences. Twelve years of volunteering with Alumnae Theatre in Toronto has included work as an actor, writer, producer and board member where I filled the positions of Marketing Coordinator, New Ideas Festival Co-Producer, and Chair of the Programming Committee. Each of these positions has required me to multitask creatively, efficiently and, in all cases, with consideration and courtesy. I would welcome the opportunity to bring this experience to the Board of Theatre Ontario in its continuing efforts to serve its members."

Cam Lund (Newmarket) has been involved in community theatre for 23 years starting off at The Curtain Club theatre in Richmond Hill back in 1987. He first worked in the booth operating lights and sound and immediately found a connection with theatre and the people involved. Since then, he has been very actively involved in a number of community theatres in Central Ontario in various roles from acting and directing to being on the executive committee and assisting with box office. Community theatre is a place where people can come and be creative in their area(s) of interest/expertise and what is really fascinating is the diversity of people that you work with in partnership to create a common goal. He loves the 'family' aspect of community theatre and always promotes the sharing of ideas and resources within community groups and regions. He is currently Vice-President on the Board of Directors. "I would like to continue to be a part of the Board of Directors of Theatre Ontario as we have the opportunity to support, educate and enhance the theatre experience in both the professional and community circuits. I am excited to have been part of the development of the new strategic plan and would like to continue implementing this in the future. We have some great new ideas, people and talent to positively influence the direction of theatre within Ontario and really make a difference to the cultural landscape. I am also encouraged and proud to see the effects of our grants and workshops within the youth, professional and community theatre circles and would like to evolve our programs even further."

Renna Reddie (Toronto) is the Artistic Producer of the Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Canada's longest standing Filipino theatre company. She is proud to be the producer of multiple Dora Mavor Moore Award nominated shows Brown Balls (fu-GEN Theatre Company), Madhouse Variations (Eldritch Theatre), and The Making Of St. Jerome (eastBOUNDtheatre). In addition Renna's credits include Doc Wuthergloom's Haunted Medicine Show (Eldritch Theatre), Peter and the Wolf (Theatre Rusticle), Morror and Jasp GONE WILD (U.N.I.T. Productions), and Eating with Lola (Sulong Theatre). She is the inaugural TD Bank Young Producer for The Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival and is a member of the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts' Indie Caucus. "Theatre Ontario is a vital organization for the unification of theatres, theatre-related organizations and artists alike. As an Artistic Producer of a culturally-mandated theatre company I am confident that my skill sets offers new and diverse intel that will be of value to Theatre Ontario. As a Board Director, it pleases me to take the opportunity to better serve the professional community by continuing to be an active participant, be a connector and a support system to this unique service organization."


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