Conferencing 2019

For our 2019 AGM, we are trying out a new system to ensure all of you from around the province are able to tune in and take part in this important meeting for us.

Zoom video conferencing will allow all of us to connect and share – whether you are joining us at 401 Richmond, or from your computer or phone.

This is a new process for us and we appreciate your patience as we navigate the platform.

If you intend to participate via Zoom, please RSVP to – this will help with our planning.

(Thank you to Playwrights Guild of Canada for "hosting" us.)


How to Join

Zoom is free and does not require you to download or purchase an app

If you are joining us from your desktop please use this link:
If you are joining us by phone please dial: +1 647 558 0588, the meeting ID is 559 768 480 followed by #

Once you have joined the meeting, you may be added to the waiting room until the meeting has been started. Once the meeting begins we will be taking attendance of those joining us over the phone and video chat, followed by some procedures about how to use the platform which are also outlined below.


How Zoom Will Work

Once you have joined we will take some time to try and ensure everyone is able to hear / see our video stream.

We will be muting all Zoom participants. For those of you joining on the phone or over video chat please be sure to keep your mic muted as any background noise could cause disruption.

While the meeting is open to the community, only paid-up members can participate in voting.

Only those attending the meeting in person will be making and seconding administrative motions. We will then ask all in favour or opposed to those members in-person first, then those over video conferencing, and then those over the phone. This will allow us to keep tally of votes and communications.

*If using video chat you will have a chat box that you will be able to send messages for the moderator, you also have a "yes" and "no" button to make voting easier.*

When it comes time to open up discussion on points made during the meeting, we will follow the same order. We will first open up the floor to those in person to ask questions, then those on video chat and finally those over the phone.

There will always be someone monitoring the video conference for troubleshooting and to ensure smooth voting and contribution to the meeting.

We ask that when you are called upon to speak whether in person or joining over zoom that you state your full name before speaking.

We will review all of this at the start of the meeting.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your help in implementing this new technology to strengthen our community connections.

Learn more about our Annual General Meeting 2019


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